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Thanks to a very special person, lately I’ve been listening to music very different from my “common” style. Got quite a lot of this awesomeness to share at this point, so I’ll be uploading some daily here. A way to share the mood…

…I guess?

Time to be back?

Blogs. Blogs blogs blogs blogs blogs. Kind of stopped seeing the point in mine years ago and left it, but somehow feel like posting again now. Not that anyone cares, but hey, more than often it’s useful to express thoughts, even when nobody’s listening. Got quite a few on my mind, too.

Let’s see how this goes.

Apocalypse Now

Gonna watch it right after tsMuxer finishes it’s job.

Btw, it just did.See ya’ll in 3 hours.Hope it’s worth my time!

Watched 1/3, it’s awesome.So much action with a lot of stuff to think about as well.Will continue watching once a friend of mine is back from training, wanna watch it together.

Free Lossless Audio Codec

FLAC.Heard so much about it, even tried it couple of times, didn’t like it.Untill I got myself G35 as a new gaming headset.And music in them was a BLAST.FLAC - especially.Downloaded first thing I saw in FLAC - “Ghostface killah - Appolo Kids” (I know it’s not really good, still), and there it started.Company Flow, Raekwon, Dr.Octagon, Supersoul, Wu-Tang Clan, GZA, Frank Klepacki, Guilty Simpson, Oh No - everything sounds just superb comparing to 320.I totally love it.Now I just gotta buy something in local shop

and rip my first FLAC!

(How about some J-Dilla?)

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